Steampuff is a 2 vs 2 local multi-player game which can be played using only one button per player. Take out your enemies as many times as you can within 2 minutes to win the match! This game was made during a 48-hour game jam back in December 2012.


Player 1 - A
Player 2 - F
Player 3 - H
Player 4 - L

How To Play:

1. Hold the button down to fly up.
2. Release the button to fall.
3. Tap the button to shoot.
4. Don't exit the screen!


Benjamin Chew (Artist)
JT Yean (Lead Artist)
Loh Ken Wei (Programmer)
Pei San (Programmer)
Sam Goh (Pixel Artist/Graphic Designer)
Shawn Beck (Game Designer/Programmer)